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Work continues at the Bavarian sites of Bamberg and Kempten

Start Corona Work continues at the Bavarian sites of Bamberg and Kempten

Work continues at the Bavarian sites of Bamberg and Kempten

No positive cases of the coronavirus at the sites in Bavaria / hygiene concepts take effect on site

Bamberg / Kempten / Rheda-Wiedenbrück, 23 June 2020 – Work continues at the Bavarian sites of the Tönnies Group in Bamberg and Kempten. None of the employees there is infected with the coronavirus. The hygiene concepts implemented at the sites have proven to be effective thus far. We are still working in close consultation with the relevant authorities. In addition, the employees continue to receive intensive training on the specific hygiene guidelines, and the pandemic concept is constantly being further developed in order to reduce possible infection risks.

At Allgäu Fleisch in Kempten, the animals already slaughtered are currently butchered on site. There is a “meat jam” since production in Rheda-Wiedenbrück is closed which is where the slaughtered animals would otherwise be butchered and then further processed. For this reason, the animals slaughtered in Kempten are now also butchered there. However, slaughter operations will soon resume in Kempten. The acceptance of raw materials from farmers from the region is currently ensured by other local companies.

The Schlacht- und Viehhof Bamberg [slaughterhouse and stockyard], which belongs to the city of Bamberg, is continuing to slaughter pigs at a constant rate. Currently around 500 to 600 pigs are slaughtered for Tönnies each day, for six days a week, in a contract slaughter arrangement. Tönnies also plans to continue the slaughter process in the future at this level. This ensures that we will continue to take delivery of raw materials for local producers.

The slaughtered pork sides are sometimes supplied directly to trade customers for further processing. Sometimes they go to processing plants for the food industry. In Bamberg, the slaughtered pigs meet the guidelines for the GQ-Bayern (Tested Quality) mark. The pigs come from Bavarian regions within approximately 150 to 200 km of Bamberg.

“It is and remains important that we produce food. For this reason, we have all been hypersensitive for months – and at all sites. We are aware of our responsibility and are in close contact with the relevant local authorities”, stated Dr. André Vielstädte, company spokesperson for the Tönnies Group.