Our Approach

We hold objective discussions with various public stakeholders which are characterised by fairness, respect and openness.

Our Approach

Create comparability

Our goal is to create comparability with our competitors, despite differences in the business models. In principle, our valuation basis is the standard for the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), valid since 2016, and we expand the system of measurement indicators accordingly. By implication, you will see that a few numbers are still missing, which leaves a lot of room for manoeuvre in the future.

The GRI consists of a cooperative partnership of hundreds of companies, investors, rating agencies, auditors, associations, unions, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and scientists. The task of the GRI is to develop globally applicable guidelines for the creation of sustainability reports. These GRI guidelines have become established internationally as the standard for sustainable reporting. Tönnies is expanding its sustainability strategy along these GRI guidelines. In addition, we take into account the extensions for the food industry.

As the desire for comparability is constantly increasing, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has also developed guidelines for the sustainability assessment of companies in the agricultural and food sectors.

The SAFA guidelines (Sustainability Assessment of Food and Agriculture Systems) define four assessment dimensions for agricultural and food systems:

  • Ecological integrity
  • Economic resilience
  • Social prosperity
  • Good company management

With these internationally recognised guidelines, there is, for the first time, a global framework for a standardised, transparent and comparable sustainability assessment in the agricultural and food sector. Tönnies takes into account these guidelines alongside the GRI standards.

We are committed to open and transparent communication at all times.

This applies to all subunits of the Tönnies Group.

Our eight core issues of sustainability

Eight core issues were identified during our materiality analysis. These are of great importance to our stakeholders. We also exert the most influence on these eight core issues. To start this sustainability dialogue, we have selected the first four issues. We are also gradually working out our positions on the other four core issues.

What have we already achieved

Tönnies is …

1. a partner to farmers

1. a partner to farmers

We enable our partners to have a reliable sales channel for agricultural products and thus make an important contribution to the diversity and protection of farms.

2. an innovation driver

2. an innovation driver

We regularly develop innovative methods from scratch and integrate them. In the transportation and slaughter process we have, amongst other things, implemented suitable animal welfare actions. We also support our partners in the rearing and fattening of animals.

3. a supporter

3. a supporter

We participate in varied trade and government initiatives to find standardised and transparent regulations for the protection of animals for the whole industry.

4. a pioneer

4. a pioneer

We have helped to set generally accepted minimum standards for the remuneration and accommodation of employees in the meat industry and enabled an increase in social standards.

Achieve more together

The listed examples show that our sustainability management is already in practice. However, in the future, we would like to communicate in a more open and interactive manner.

Our constantly growing market position requires an even greater commitment to considering the social and ecological consequences, as well as the economic implications, of our actions, and to agreeing these with the stakeholders.

We are convinced that all actions in this area will strengthen the company and, at the same time, secure jobs in the long term, support agricultural businesses, improve animal welfare and offer our customers greater benefits. This is our claim of transparent and efficient sustainability management!

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